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About CRL
• CRL is an all-volunteer organization
• CRL responds to referrals from medical and social service professionals
• CRL provides fast-acting, timely responses
• CRL responds to unanticipated urgent needs that extend beyond the mandates of existing agencies
• CRL serves children’s needs that are not routine, but that are immediate and unique
• CRL is a small non-profit and depends on individual contributions to fulfill its mission
“He is healthier now and our quality of life is better because of what CRL has provided to our son.”
“Chloe’s Mom is thrilled to pieces to have the portable whirlpool from your agency at their home.”
Care Provider
“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the physical therapy equipment for our son. It meets his needs perfectly!”
“Thank you CRL for the custom made wheelchair that the insurance company denied for this 14 year old female patient who is terminally ill. The wheelchair will help the family transport her more easily and will help this patient sit much more comfortably.”
Care Giver
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