Preliminary Referral Form

Caring Resources for Living (CRL) is a small non-profit corporation covering the greater Portland area that seeks to ease the burdens of critically ill children and their families. We respond on a case-by-case basis, via referral, to the critical unmet non-medical care needs of such children.

You, as a service provider, may see a specific need and hope that CRL will provide assistance to meet that need. The particular request may or may not be realistic in relationship to CRL’s mission. So, early on, CRL needs to consult with you and other professionals to determine the most appropriate response by us or by others in the area.

Because we want to meet urgent care needs in a timely and professional manner without raising false hopes, it is important NOT to discuss the possible response of CRL to a specific need until you first make a preliminary referral to CRL, and CRL asks you to proceed with an application for assistance.

In cases involving requests that do not meet CRL criteria, or that CRL is not able to fulfill, we will work with you to help make appropriate referrals to social agencies or suggest other ways to find the resources needed.

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